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Is it possible to renovate a worn-down cottage in just 80 days?

This will be the challenge for cousins Sara and Camilla, who have inherited Grandma’s old cottage. It’s a big task, but they are getting help from two experts – as well as the entire Denmark, who inspire the cousins to find creative solutions, as many people this year are considering the real possibility of do-it-yourself holidays in the Danish countryside.

You might be able to travel the world in 80 days but can you also put a simple country cottage in order in that time? 25 year old Sara and 30 year old Camilla are cousins and along with their fathers, they’ve inherited Grandma’s old cottage. It really needs a loving hand! In just 80 days, the cousins will renovate the house from top to bottom and turn it into a new destination for the entire family’s summer memories.

Along the way, they are visited by the interior designer Nancy Gerber and craftsman Anders Koed Jensen, both of whom provide solid practical advice and helpful creative solutions to help the cousins overcome the rough spots.

Idea and producer, Birgitte Koefoed
Editor-in-Chief, Julie Rode