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Millionaire On The Dole’ follows the Danish 61-year-old ex-millionaire and expat Anne Mette Beckmann. After 40 years abroad, she will travel to Denmark to live on public welfare money: the dole. From riches to rags.

Anne Mette grew up in luxury, with a plethora of servants and little to worry about. She lived most of her life in the Portuguese upper-class town of Cascais, and on the sunny French Riviera. Neither she nor her parents had ever worked rather they lived off the fortune that their grandparents left them.

But 10 years ago, the coffers ran dry. Anne Mette and her mother had spent all the millions. The two women are now forced to live on her mother’s small national pension from Denmark and Anne Mette has to get accustomed to living as a noveau-poor.

Last year, Anne Mette’s worst fear was actuakized, her beloved mother died. And when her mother died, so did her mother’s national pension.

Thus, she is now moving to Denmark, where she as a Danish citizen will apply for cash benefits and start a new life on the dole. But what is she really entitled to? Where will she live? Will she be able to settle in Denmark, where she has not lived for 40 years? And will she manage to stand on her own two feet, for the first time in her life?