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Maria Thastum resigns from STV

Maria Thastum, program director (CCO) at STV, leaves after a decade at the helm of affairs. Maria Thastum has been with STV for ten years now, after working as head of entertainment for SBS (now Discovery). Maria has been the main force behind STV’s programming strategy and successes, including The Evening Show (co produced with Bermuda), the award winning The Class which was the start of STV’s fiction strategy, and also the foundation for Scandinavian expansion.

“It has been a fantastic ten years at STV, where I, together with a number of talented people, have helped make STV one of Denmark’s largest independent TV company. I have succeeded to such an extent that I no longer feel there is really anything left to fight for, and I have mainly been feeling like an obstacle to a much needed change. Then it’s time to move on, it was pretty much the same feeling I had when I left SBS. I’m very happy that the parting is amicable, and I look forward to following STV’s development in the coming years” – Says Maria Thastum.

“I am really sorry to have to say goodbye to my good colleague Maria Thastum after many years of fantastic collaboration. I am deeply grateful for the unique contribution she has made to STV and the unique creative team and “house” she has helped to build” – Says Adm. Director René Szczyrbak.

Two new appointments in STV, Birgitte Koefoed and Jonatan Jerichow join STV’s management. Birgitte Koefoed will step into the newly created role of ‘Creative Director’ (CCO), and Jonatan Jerichow will take on the role of program director (CPO).

Birgitte Koefoed is moving from her previous role as development manager at STV. In the future, she will be responsible for the company’s development and format development efforts. In addition, she will work in close collaboration with STV’s Swedish and Norwegian subsidiaries to develop creative strategy.

Jonatan Jerichow hails from a program manager position. As he takes on the role of the new program director, he will also assume formal responsibility for STV’s program business.

“Birgitte and Jonatan have been crucial to STV being where it is today and they are both widely recognized in the industry for their creativity, dedication and professionalism. Birgitte and Jonatan come from very central positions, they sit directly in the company’s program management, and it has long been planned that they should join the management. This change therefore comes quite naturally” – Says CEO, René Szczyrbak.

In addition to Birgitte Koefoed and Jonatan Jerichow, the company’s program management also consists of Deputy CEO Daniel Svarts.