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The Evening Show’s hosts will spend the weeks of 28-31, out in the countryside admiring the Danes’ beautiful and inventive summer activities.

During a summer where most people stay at home and many people’s holiday plans are thwarted, they must with the help of the Danes, embark on a wonderful summer journey in Denmark.

Hosts Ulla Essendrop, Kristian Ring, Hansen Holt and Sofie Østergaard will take turns traveling and living in a lovely older caravan. On the other side, they don’t have a car to get around in or even any activities and destinations planned. And yet every day, (with some local assistance) they must arrange an enjoyable experience for selected Danes with a special need for encouragement and inspiration. After all, if we stick together and look out for each other  we can make the most of this summer!

Their hardships and solutions can be followed throughout the day on the Evening Show’s Facebook page, and you can discover what they’ve managed to put together Monday through Thursday (at 7PM) on the Evening Show.

Mark Stokholm and Mette Bluhme Rieck will hold down the fort back at home on Rådhuspladsen with the day’s current guests.

Sofies Østergaard is the new summer host of the Evening Show.

The Evening Show on DR1 is produced in collaboration with STV Production and Bermuda Production.