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In a new Discovery+ documentary series, up to 60 young women and girls report a 29-year-old man for a series of HEINOUS crimes.

In ‘The perfect victims: F ** k not with girls’. Several of the alleged victims come forward and tell their side of how a 29 year old man, according to them, has committed several attrocities over a period of more than 15 years. The program has contributed to the Copenhagen Police arresting the culprit and, among other things, charged him with rape, humiliation and illegal coercion.

When it dawned on Diana Rasmussen that the 29 year old man had contacted one of her teenage daughters in November 2020, she took it upon herself to ensure he is captured. In the new crime documentary series, “The perfect victims: Don’t F * * K with girls”, we follow the 39 year old mother’s struggle to raise a case against the perpetrator. Along the way, she sets up a Facebook group that now has over 200 members in which many report how they were subjected to violations by the perpetrator.

He had allegedly stalked, threatened and subjected several young girls to violence and in worst cases, sexual assault. For instance, one of the alleged victims talks about her 3-days nightmare-like encounter with the accused.

Cille who participates in the documentary series says, “I was bound, hanging from a loft and then I get raped. He knew very well that I was 14 years old.”

The women have made allies with two lawyers, and their work has led to the culprit being apprehended by the Copenhagen Police and charged with several violations of the penal code including rape, humiliation and unlawful coercion.

“It’s an avalanche, one case after another comes with the same pattern. When you talk to a girl, they also know a girl who has been violated, and the list keeps going. The challenge among other things, is that several of the girls lack evidence, ”says lawyer Tobias Grotkjær Elmstrøm and continues:

“Several of the cases are outdated, as he has apparently been at large for many years. But the girls’ explanations are linked to each other, and therefore it is important that the police look at the cases as a single case. So by also using the cases that are outdated, we can notice a pattern of action and thus draw a picture of who he is. The girls are stronger if they can report together, and the police treat the reports as a single case and I will do everything to ensure that the police get involved in this case. “

The 29 year old man has previously been sentenced to three months in prison for sexually assaulting a 12 year old girl. However, the verdict apparently did not stop him, and in the documentary series, it appears how he is still going after more victims, mainly on social media.

‘The Perfect Victims: Don’t F * * K with girls” follows the girls’ fight for justice up close.

STV Production A/S – EN
STV Production A/S – EN